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  TOWER is developed by Power Line System Inc., USA for the analysis and design of transmission line structures. The structure analysis in TOWER can be linear or non-linear. The non-linear analysis accounts for the second order geometric effects due to the displacements. It also treats guys as exact cable elements and therefore should be used for guyed towers.

TOWER calculates stresses in each angle member and compares them to allowable values. For guyed towers, TOWER calculates guy tensions and compares them to allowable values. In non-linear mode, it can be used to check the overall stability of the entire tower or any of its sub-assemblies. TOWER can be used by itself (stand-alone) or in conjunction with the line design program PLS-CADD.

Typical uses of TOWER are listed below:

Check the design of an existing tower for a given design loading tree (stand-alone use).
Check the design of an existing tower as spotted in an actual line model (direct link from PLS-CADD).
Develop a table of allowable wind and weight spans for a range of line angles and given design criteria (stand-alone use).

Write Structures Files for use by the companion program PLS-CADD, using either the allowable spans method or the critical components method. If these Structures Files include allowable wind and weight spans, they can be used for minimum cost optimum spotting.

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